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Why Work With Us

Most of our clients have been with Alliance Financial and Income Tax for years, and we help multi-generational families in Missouri with their investment and tax preparation needs. These strong relationships result from the high-touch, personal care we give every client.

Educating our clients is our first objective, and helping them save and grow their assets is our second. We understand that taxes can’t be avoided, and we work with clients to create tax-efficient strategies to help them feel more confident in their financial future.

By offering tax and financial services, Alliance Financial and Income Tax seeks to serve as a one-stop resource in Missouri for clients, whether they need assistance filing a tax return, building an investment portfolio, or simply have questions about how their taxes may affect their future retirement. We use our knowledge of the financial services industry and teaching skills to educate clients on investments and taxes.

Another reason our lifelong clients continue to turn to Alliance Financial and Income Tax because we believe in paying off debt and not being a slave to the lender. We help our clients establish a plan to get on the right track regarding their debt and finances.

How We Can Help

At Alliance Financial and Income Tax in Missouri, our highly qualified team of professionals can help clients pursue their financial goals and rid themselves of any debt they may have incurred without the guidance they need. We operate under the philosophy that tax preparation and *investment planning go hand-in-hand, meaning you can’t have one without the other.

Our Enrolled Agents and investment professionals can provide a multitude of services, such as:

Investment Management

We offer access to professional money management and brokerage accounts, mutual funds, and annuities. 

Cash Flow and Debt Management

We assist clients with debt analysis, consolidation, reduction, and budgeting. We work with you to improve your cash flow through tax strategies and debt management tactics such as refinancing, consolidation or changes in tax withholding.

Retirement and Distribution Planning

We assist individuals, families, and small business owners with retirement plans, including but not limited to Roth, SIMPLE, and SEP IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and annuities. Whether your idea of retirement means working part-time, full-time, or no-time, we aim to find the appropriate retirement income vehicle to address your income needs, risk tolerance, and tax liabilities.

Estate/Legacy Planning

We can assist clients with charitable gifting during life, charitable inclination at death, titling of assets, executor/successor trustee issues, and distribution of wealth to spouse/beneficiaries at death. We work with you to minimize your estate taxes to ensure that the assets you pass on are maximized and your survivors don’t have to guess your wishes in their grief.

Tax Planning

We assist businesses, families, and individuals with tax planning, IRS representation, and tax return preparation, including trust, gift, and estate tax filings. We stay abreast of constantly changing tax regulations so we can advise and represent you through the expansive maze of tax law compliance.

Our Investment Philosophy 

At Alliance Financial and Income Tax in Missouri, we are committed to providing common sense education and empowerment, and we seek to instill hope in everyone, from the financially independent to the financially distressed. Proverbs tell us that “the borrower is a slave to the lender,” and we base what we do on this simple principle. We believe that our clients can’t live their fullest lives when they are tied down with debt, which is why we help create a customized strategy to help our clients say goodbye to debt and hello to financial freedom.

Mike operates under the same principles that Dave Ramsey has laid out, including avoiding debt and operating with the heart of a teacher.

Clients who turn to Alliance Financial and Income Tax expect a high level of service and ethically responsible investment techniques. We work to rid our clients of debt and educate them on pursuing their personal and financial goals.

Our Mission

At Alliance Financial and Income Tax, our goal is simple: we want to educate our clients so they are more prepared for their financial future. Working throughout Missouri, we have helped clients gain better control of their finances and understand the importance of setting up a plan to pursue both short and long-term goals, including working on reducing debt. We work closely with our clients to develop investment and tax strategies that are aligned with their needs.

When clients work with Alliance Financial and Income Tax, they can expect an advisor that doesn’t confuse them with industry jargon, but instead sits down with them personally and educates them about where their money will go. We work in a low-pressure environment and as a fee-based firm in Missouri, we never pressure clients into purchasing particular services or products. Instead, we help guide them to an investment strategy that is right for them and their families.

Advantages of Working With Us

Throughout your lifetime, you’ll be faced with situations that may require helpful advice from an experienced professional. We seek to serve as your one-stop tax and investment resource, guiding you through the various financial milestones in life.

The following are occasions when you may need tax or financial advice:

  • Starting, buying, selling, or closing a small business
  • Changing or leaving a job
  • A raise or promotion
  • Before receiving a distribution from a 401K or pension plan
  • Buying or selling a house or rental property
  • Refinancing your current home
  • Receiving an inheritance
  • Making a charitable contribution
  • Giving or receiving a gift over $15,000
  • Anytime your investment time horizon changes
  • Retiring or starting to receive Social Security
  • Having a child
  • Questions about financing your own, your children’s, or your grandchildren’s education
  • Any situation where you would just want to talk or get a second opinion

We help simplify the often complex world of tax planning and investment management. No matter where you are in your financial life, we will work with you to reduce debt and help you feel comfortable with your financial future.

*Investment planning services are offered by Mike Mead through his affiliation with Avantax Investment Services.

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