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Tax Client Intake Forms

Income tax services and clients intake forms

Our client datasheet will help you organize your tax information and ensure you don't miss any critical deductions during tax preparation.  

Please complete the following steps:
1. Complete our "Client Intake Forms" below. If you have a small business, rental property, or farm, please complete the additional organizer.
2. Review the "Tax Preparation Checklist" for a list of supporting documents that you might have received.
3. To schedule a time for us to visit, please call 816-220-2001 or schedule online

4. Bring the completed client datasheet and all supporting documents to your appointment, or you may upload them to our Secure Client Portal.

Client Intake Forms (Required) 

Due Diligence Checklist

Small Business Organizer

Auto and Home Expense Organizer

Rental Property Tax Organizer

Farm Income Tax Organizer

Submitting Documentation

Documents to Provide

Tips & Fees



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