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Tax Resolution in Kansas City metro (or anywhere else!)

Tax Resolution in Kansas City metro (or anywhere else!)

September 17, 2019

Tax Resolution

What is Tax Resolution? Tax Resolution is the area of taxes where a credentialed tax specialist (like an Enrolled Agent) is able to represent you before the IRS to resolve your tax issues. Tax issues can be things such as collections, penalty abatement, liens, levies, offer-in-compromise, and audit assistance. It is an important tool in a true tax specialist’s toolbelt.

Do you find the IRS intimidating?

You are not alone! Many people find themselves filled with dread at just the thought of dealing with the IRS. If you’re actively involved in dealing with the IRS, chances are that you’re feeling overwhelmed and maybe don’t know what to do. We are more than happy to consult with you and put you at ease. As an Enrolled Agent, dealing with the IRS has become as natural as breathing. I pick up the phone, call the IRS practitioner hotline, and help assess your situation.

What Tax Resolution Can do for You

If you are actively in collections and seeking relief, we can work with you to immediately halt collection activity and set things right. Have you had a lien filed against you? Are you being continuously levied (wage garnishment)? You may want money back for a penalty you were recently assessed (maybe you filed late, paid late, or had an accuracy-related penalty). These are all matters that Tax Preparation Services can easily assist you with!

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