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MUST READ Before Hiring any Tax Negotiation Firm - BUYER BEWARE

MUST READ Before Hiring any Tax Negotiation Firm - BUYER BEWARE

June 10, 2019

Customer... Beware!How To Keep From Getting Ripped Off?

Many “Tax Negotiation” companies out there will absolutely rip you off. These unscrupulous firms will take your money regardless of whether they can help you or not. They'll lie to you and tell you they can get all the penalties and interest wiped out. They'll lie to you and tell you they'll settle with the IRS for "pennies on the dollar" when they know damn well you don't possibly qualify for the Offer in Compromise program.

How do they get away with this? Easy, most of the people you talk to at these unscrupulous firms are sales representatives . They have NO license to protect. You don't actually speak to the EA (Enrolled Agent), the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or the attorney that these firms claim to have. Nope, you speak to some slimy unlicensed salesman. Some of these firms make up titles like Tax Resolution Specialist, or Tax Consultant. What a scam! In fact, many of these unscrupulous firms aren't tax firms or law firms at all, they’re just sales organizations!

We NEVER take on any client that we don't believe we can truly help. But, I absolutely guarantee you that 90% of the unscrupulous tax negotiation firms that advertise on TV and the internet would take any client and their money regardless of whether they could help them or not. And that stinks!

So, what should you do?

  1. Always speak with the “licensed representative” who is on the Power of Attorney, that will actually represent you, usually the principal / owner of the firm,
  2. Stay away from any firm/website that doesn't clearly give the names and bios of the licensed representative (Enrolled Agents, CPAs & Attorneys),
  3. Ignore guarantees, promises and so-called testimonials. They're nothing more than meaningless hype; instead check the Better Business Bureau rating – A MUST!
  4. Ask tough questions. If the answers don't make sense, don't hire the firm. What kind of tough questions? Are you an EA, CPA or attorney? When they say, "I'm a tax resolution specialist", ask them, is that a State or Federal license?
  5. Finally, use your good common sense. You know when something isn't right. You work too hard for your money to give it away to some slime ball that makes promises you know he can't keep. Only deal with someone who is “Licensed” and who “Specialize” is Tax Resolution.

Don't get ripped off! Do the right thing - Hire a Licensed Representative!