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How to Save Money With a New Real Estate Tax Strategy

How to Save Money With a New Real Estate Tax Strategy

October 31, 2019

Nobody likes paying taxes, but they are necessary to provide the services people expect from society. However, that doesn't mean people should be paying more than they're supposed to for taxes. Real estate investors often spend too much on taxes on their properties. At Alliance Financial & Income Tax, we work to help property owners save money by creating comprehensive real estate tax strategies.

If there's one thing that everyone can agree on, it's that the tax code in the U.S. is overly complicated. There are layers of local, state, and federal tax to keep track of, each with different rules, definitions, and deductions. Many real estate investors and property owners wisely allow a Enrolled Agent to handle their taxes to avoid any mistakes. However, if your Enrolled Agent isn't offering you tips and advice on how to lower your tax bill, then you could be paying too much.

At Alliance Financial & Income Tax, we help our clients in ways that go beyond what most traditional accountants offer. We stay on top of the latest changes in the tax codes to ensure we give our clients up-to-date information on ways to lower their bill. Furthermore, we have a firm understanding of real estate investing, which allows us to create tax strategies that align with the goals of our clients.

The potential benefits of a better real estate tax strategy are substantial. The Alliance Financial & Income Tax Enrolled Agents helps clients save thousands in taxes with hard-hitting tax strategies and proactive planning. You can use those savings to improve your property, expand a business, or reach your retirement goals sooner.

Here's an account from one of our clients, a real estate investor named Mike: "Alliance Financial & Income Tax helped me save $37,818 on 2017 taxes by recommending and assisting with a cost segregation study. With strategic multifamily rehab and the $2,500 de minimus safe harbor plus cost segregation, taxes on my real estate have been non-existent for a few years (and that includes offsetting large capital gains from the sale of the property)".

Real estate tax strategies aren't just for mega-corporations with massive portfolios. Alliance Financial & Income Tax provides practical tax strategy advice for small business owners and high earners. Our team of experts assists investors who are trying to build their portfolio as well as parties that flip multiple properties per year. A change in their tax strategy can help landlords, flippers, developers, syndicates, and more. Anyone who invests in real estate should be open-minded to new ideas that could lower their tax burden.

Tax codes can be complicated. However, if you have the help of someone who thoroughly understands the system, you can deploy a strategy that will lower your real estate tax bill. One of the benefits of working with Alliance Financial & Income Tax is that we focus on helping our clients reduce their tax bills by giving them hard-hitting strategies. We also tell the actions needed during the year to implement the plan.

If you’re ready to start saving on your real estate taxes, it’s easy to get started. Call the office at 816-220-2001 to schedule a tax planning session with Mike Mead, EA, CTC or you may schedule a time online