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How to Help Your Employees Embrace Digital Transformation

How to Help Your Employees Embrace Digital Transformation

December 28, 2022

Digital technology can improve business operations in many ways. For example, cloud-sharing platforms simplify document sharing, while project management software makes it easier to track deliverables within teams. As a business owner, you want to harness the power of such tools. However, you don't want your employees to feel like they're being replaced or to resist digital transformation.

Alliance Financial and Income Tax explains how you can keep your workers happy while encouraging them to embrace new technologies.

Strategically Choose What Technology to Implement

Be smart when selecting technology for your company by choosing products that will serve your employees well. Enginess explains how you can do a technology assessment to see what tools will help your company. Start by understanding the technology's potential. Then identify which employees could use the tool and how. Next, assess how the technology would impact broader market dynamics beyond your own company. Finally, create your strategy to either capitalize on that technology or counter its effects.

Highlight How Technology Can Help Your Workers

If you want new technology to be successfully implemented in your company, you need worker buy-in. To this end, make sure you're telling teams how tech can help them. Communicating about innovation early on is essential. Help employees become more engaged with the tools by explaining and, ideally, demonstrating the benefits. For example, you might run a test pilot program or provide a case study of how software will save them time, energy, or stress.

Create a Comprehensive Onboarding Program

Nobody wants to have a new technology thrust upon them and then have to spend hours trying to figure out how to use it. Create a comprehensive onboarding plan when adopting new innovations. Make sure you communicate a deadline by which everyone is expected to use the new tool. Then, provide hands-on tutorials, giving people a chance to test out the product and ask questions. You should also create comprehensive training manuals and appoint a point person who is well-versed in the new tool to answer questions going forward.

To encourage buy in, explain that this new process will ensure that your new hires will be good fits for your teams and company culture. Taking the time to clarify position descriptions, prescreen applicants, and conduct background checks will actually save time in the long run because you will be more likely to find the right people the first time.

Embrace Business Process Management

If you're still struggling to get, employees, to embrace new innovations, consider business process management, BPM. With BPM, you can automate workflows and establish guidance for digital process automation, giving workers the opportunity to concentrate on more complex tasks instead of grunt work. BPM can help reduce errors and improve efficiency—and it's also useful for tech implementation. When you create your BPM framework, track progress to see how effective it is. With regular monitoring, you can continually improve output.

Make Employees Feel Appreciated

Taking the steps above can help improve employee satisfaction regarding new technologies in the workplace. However, you also want to take other steps to ensure workers are happy. Offering comprehensive benefits, like paid personal days and extra vacation will make acquiring and retaining top talent easier. You can also look into less traditional benefits, such as gas reimbursements, fitness plans, treadmill desks, investment programs, free flu shots, and more.

It’s also essential that you provide your employees with the tools they need to be productive and perform their duties properly. Asking team members to do tasks without adequately supporting them will foster resentment and frustration. Instead, get them what they need, whether it's a whiteboard for their office, a moderate allowance for team lunches, or a library of stock videos to help with marketing efforts.

While each requires some financial investment, putting money into, say, videography shows that you appreciate the effort your team puts into their projects and that you understand that video stock footage can help them do their jobs well. It’s an inexpensive way to properly gear up your staff, plus it’s a vote of confidence in your team’s skills and capabilities.

Solicit Feedback from Your Employees

There's only one way to ensure your workers are happy with new technology—and on the job in general. Ask them. There are many ways to solicit employee feedback. Officevibe provides tips for getting honest opinions, from ensuring their anonymity to establishing trust. Also, consider the medium you use. Face-to-face feedback can be challenging, for example. Many prefer providing feedback in a less personal format, such as via a written survey.

Solicit Feedback from Your Employees

Technology can help your business achieve great things. However, you don't want to implement cutting-edge tech at the expense of employee satisfaction. The above guide explains how to strike the right balance.

If you want to provide more benefits to your employees but aren’t sure if you can manage it financially, contact the experts at Alliance Financial and Income Tax. We can help you create a realistic plan that honors your staff and maintains your finances.